GardenScapes New Acres Hack Android and iOS

Extensive puzzle game of “match 3” created by a team of Playrix Games. In Gardenscapes New Acres Hack Android we take on the form of a gardener who has the task entrusted to him to restore the plot to its former glory, and by the way to unravel the mysteries associated with it. The fun takes place in the large garden, which is divided into several sectors, and is subordinated to the principles of the typical games of the genre “connect three elements.” The player’s task is thus to combine images depicting various fruits and plants in the longest combinations and gain thanks to a certain number of points, which in turn allows for the gradual expansion of our garden. The game is enriched with numerous bonuses and facilities (eg. A temporary stop time), and in the intervals between successive stages participate in the fictional interludes during which we are negotiating with various characters, buy new decorations for the garden and planted more beautiful plants.



Xbox Onebetter than new PS4 4 K ?

xbox 4k and playstation 4k new age of consoles

Hello all , We see now a fight Xbox One and Playstation 4.They want share a new better consoles.Thay can works perfect on 4K resolution and 60 frames + .Is this real ? I think: Yes ,Why not because we have a very good components to do it.But cost of this consoles is not a low.I not need a 4k resolution on my Xbox One for mee full hd is very good.


But if you want better resolution and if you have a lot of money nothing stands on your way.Cheers